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It’s all too common for employers to make their employees do unpaid “off-the-clock” work.  Sometimes, employers will simply demand their employees work extra hours without pay or face termination. Other times, the situation is more subtle. Employees might be encouraged to work off-the-clock by co-workers because “it’s just the way we do things here.” Yet… Read More

California Full-Time Hours: Getting the Facts Before the Affordable Care Act was introduced, workers understood that “full-time” meant a full 40-hour workweek, and any employee who worked less than that was considered “part-time.” However, with the introduction of the Affordable Care Act came along the new “full-time” employee—or one who works at least 30 hours… Read More

While many businesses treat their employees fairly, unfortunately, this is not always the case. Employers sometimes attempt to exploit their employees, often by paying them less than what they are owed. Particularly, if you work long hours, understanding California overtime laws is an important part of knowing your rights as an employee. Workplace Rights Law… Read More

The legalization of marijuana in California prompted the formation of a wide variety of cannabis businesses throughout the state. Most recently, companies touted as “uber for weed” worked to gain popularity in the market by offering convenient delivery services to customers. Individuals hired as cannabis delivery drivers deliver pot for businesses throughout the state.  Marijuana… Read More

Does your employer classify you as an independent contractor? It may be surprising to learn that the misclassification of employees in California occurs more often than you might think. The distinction between employee and independent contractor matters because employees possess many protections and benefits that independent contractors do not. If you believe your employer misclassified… Read More

What is a California Exempt Employee? Exempt employees are those that are exempt from California and federal laws governing minimum wage, overtime, and lunch/break time.  Under California law, three requirements determine whether an employee is exempt or non-exempt: Minimum salary, White-collar duties, and Independent judgment. If you suspect that you are non-exempt and are being… Read More

California, like other states, sets a minimum wage that employers must pay their employees. Failure to pay the required wages is a serious offense, and workers might be entitled to back pay. This raises an important question: What is the minimum wage in the state of California? The most simple answer is that for the… Read More

Proper classification as an employee or independent contractor in California affects your rights, protections, and wages in California. Misclassification happens more often than you think. The recent passing of AB5, also known as the “gig worker bill,” changed the classification of independent contractors in California. Additionally, in November 2020, Proposition 22, or the “App-Based Drivers… Read More