Workplace Rights Law Group, LLP was formed with one mission in mind:

To provide Southern California employees with the same sophisticated quality of legal representation — the same expertise, experience, attention to detail, and individualized treatment — previously offered only by the biggest law firms for their wealthiest corporate clients.

WRLG exists to level the playing field.

We at WRLG have all spent most of our careers representing employers, so we know their playbook. In some ways, litigation is like a game of chess, where you’re always trying to guess what the other side’s next move will be. But when you’ve been on the other side of the table, when you’ve not only been in the other side’s shoes, you’ve been the one to make their moves, you don’t have to “guess” what that next move will be. You know.

At WRLG, we don’t take every case.

If we did, we’d never have time to provide for the kind of individualized attention to each client that we know translates into better results for those we do represent. We won’t compromise our standards or quality for volume.

Nor do we employ cookie cutter strategies. You won’t hear us say, “This is how we always handle this kind of case.” Why? Because we know each employee’s story is unique. Everybody’s priorities and needs are unique. And each injustice is unique. Which means each case is unique and requires a custom approach, specially-devised just for that particular employee and that particular case. It may take more of our time and energy to represent people that way. But we believe every one of our clients deserves that kind of attention and that kind of treatment.

Our Testimonials speak for themselves.

So talk to us about your case and let us see if we can help you achieve the justice you deserve.