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Despite numerous regulations prohibiting workplace sexual harassment. recurring trainings, and consultants who regularly remind employers and employees alike of the ethical and legal dangers of sexual harassment in the workplace, supervisors, managers, and even co-workers may still commit these unlawful acts.

Being the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace jeopardizes your job and your dignity. For this reason, you should seek experienced and committed legal representation.

We are Experienced Workplace Sexual Harassment Lawyers Who Fight for California Workers

If you believe you have been the victim of unwanted sexual advances or sexual harassment, you have rights that deserve to be asserted. Let the Workplace Rights Law Group assist you in successfully navigating these complicated matters.

Sexual Harassment in a Workplace May Take Various Forms

Cat-calls and whistles when you walk around the office are obvious forms of sexual harassment, as are direct solicitations from coworkers, supervisors, and managers for sexual contact or sexual acts.

However, sexual harassment may take on more insidious forms as well, such as:

  • Promising a promotion or raise (or threatening a demotion or reduction in pay) in exchange for sexual favors or activities;
  • Making crude jokes or comments that are sexual in nature or that denigrate one sex or the other, even if you are not the intended audience for the joke or comment;
  • Unwelcome and inappropriate touching, such as hugging, pinching, massaging, fondling, and/or kissing;
  • Making sexual comments about one’s appearance or body; and/or
  • Asking questions about a person’s sexual history, orientation, and/or preferences.

No worker deserves to be sexually harassed. If you are the victim of any offensive behavior and/or words that are sexual in nature, you should make a record of the sexual harassment by noting the following:

  • When the harassment occurred,
  • Who committed the harassing act; and
  • What manager or supervisor you spoke with concerning the harassment)

Then take action by speaking with our skilled Los Angeles, California sexual harassment attorneys.We can review your legal remedies and determine the best solution for your case.

Protections for Those Who Report Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Legal protections exist for the victims of workplace sexual harassment as well as those who report incidents of sexual harassment that they witness. These protections include prohibitions against workplace retaliation or wrongful termination: in other words, your employer cannot take an adverse employment-related action against you or fire you simply because you reported an act of sexual harassment to an attorney or local or state authorities.

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The zealous and dedicated team at the Workplace Rights Law Group is ready to help you recover damages for the sexual harassment you experienced as well as for any retaliation that occurred. The sooner you contact our firm or call (818) 844-5200, the faster our sexual harassment lawyers can get started on your case. We will help you pursue your entitled compensation.

You have rights and options following an incident of workplace sexual harassment: Allow the Workplace Rights Law Group help you move forward and hold those responsible for sexually harassing you and/or failing to address your reported harassment.