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Retaliation in the Workplace California

Many employees in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s are justifiably worried they could be fired, demoted, denied benefits, passed over for workplace opportunities or otherwise mistreated simply because of their age. 

“Age” discrimination in Los Angeles, Southern California and elsewhere is far too common. 

And the reality is, as more and more seniors work later and later in life, mostly because they have to, it’s only bound to get worse.

At the Workplace Rights Law Group, we’re sensitive to the workplace rights of California’s seniors. 

We can answer your age discrimination questions, help you understand your options, and, if your rights have been violated, assist you in obtaining full and fair relief.

What Is Age Discrimination?

As the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) explains, age discrimination is the act of treating an employee less favorably than other employees because of the employee’s age. 

Age discrimination is prohibited by both federal law and California law. 

Both laws only protect workers over age 40.

Types of Age Discrimination

It is generally illegal to treat any employee (over 40) differently because of their age. This means you can’t be fired, refused a promotion, denied benefits, paid less, or harassed because of your age. 

Your employer can’t “force” you to retire or choose you for layoff simply because you’re older than most of its workforce. How do you prove age discrimination?  It’s not easy. 

But if, statistically, it looks like your employer is disproportionately picking on older workers, or the company’s decision-makers or influential managers or supervisor have been overheard making derogatory, teasing, snide or offhand remarks about age or older workers, it might be that your “age” has been unlawfully taken into account in an employment decision against you.

Remedies if Age Discrimination Occurs

Victims of age discrimination have a right to full and fair remedies. 

Under the law these can include:  being reinstated in your position, being paid for past and future lost wages and benefits, reinstatement of lost pension or retirement benefits, compensation for the emotional distress you’ve suffered, potentially punitive or liquidated damages, compensation for out-of-pocket expenses, additional training, and other remedies depending upon the specifics of your case. 

In certain cases those remedies can also include additional financial penalties.

We Can Help You Stand Up to a Discriminatory Employer

If your employer has taken some action against you, and their reasons don’t ring true, and you feel you’ve been picked on because of your age, you have several options.

You can complain directly to your employer.  We know this isn’t easy, and we know many employers make it uncomfortable for you to do so.

You also can file an immediate claim with the EEOC or the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing and ask them to investigate. Or contact us at WRLG.

We can answer your questions and discuss your options in a safe and comfortable environment.

And if legal action is what’s called for, our experienced attorneys understand the system and can champion your rights to a full and fair resolution.

Don’t forget – you only have at most one year from the date of discrimination to file a claim. To get started today, contact us immediately for a free consultation.