Pregnant employees face some unique challenges in the workplace. Sadly, pregnancy discrimination — despite being strictly prohibited by both federal and state labor regulations — remains a serious problem. According to data provided by the National Partnership for Women and Families, approximately 7,000 pregnancy discrimination claims are filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)… Read More

Being mistreated on the job can be both emotionally draining and psychologically damaging. In extreme cases, it may also be legally actionable in California.  If you were mistreated by your supervisor or boss due to poor conditions at work, you may be wondering: Can I sue my boss for emotional distress? Can I sue my… Read More

The COVID-19 global pandemic has left millions of employees wondering about their paid leave rights.  The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), passed on March 18, 2020, requires certain employers to provide employees with emergency paid sick leave or expanded medical or family leave in the wake of the COVID-19 health crisis. The provisions remain… Read More

In response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, Governor Gavin Newsom issued shelter-in-place orders requiring various businesses to shutter their doors. Despite these orders, some employers continue to require employees to show up to work. If the employees refuse, some have been terminated. Governor Newsom’s shelter-in-place orders supersede any demand from an employer to show up… Read More

Due to the coronavirus global pandemic, the entire state of California has been under emergency shelter-in-place orders. All non-essential businesses are temporarily shuttered with all employees ordered to work from home, if possible. These orders, caused by an unprecedented global pandemic, leave many wondering about their rights regarding wage and hour laws with their employer. Wage and hour laws… Read More