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You have a legitimate expectation to be paid a fair wage in a timely manner for work that you perform for your Los Angeles employer. This is one of the bedrock elements of the employer-employee relationship, so it is shocking that employers in the Los Angeles area attempt to skirt the law and cheat their employees out of the wages they are due.

Doing so not only undermines any trust that may exist between the employee and his or her employer, but it also can put the employee in a difficult financial spot.

Do not heed the advice of any employer or fellow employee who attempts to dissuade you from asserting your legal rights. If you believe your employer may be violating wage and hour laws, contact the Workplace Rights Law Group as soon as possible.

Common Types of Wage and Hour Disputes in Los Angeles

State and federal laws clearly set forth an employer’s duties regarding how much the employer can work the employee as well as how the employer must go about compensating that employee. Many of the wage and hour disputes that arise in Los Angeles erupt because the employer has failed to abide by these laws and regulations, such as when the employer:

  • Does not timely pay his or her employees. Employers cannot unreasonably withhold their employee’s paychecks or fail to pay their employees according to a reasonable and/or agreed-upon schedule;
  • Makes the employee work without pay. Employers must compensate their employees for all time worked, even time worked in excess of the normal 40-hour workweek (commonly called overtime, which must be compensated at a greater rate). An employer may not direct an employee to perform work “off the clock”.
  • Does not provide the employee with the agreed-upon compensation: An employer cannot unilaterally change the amount of compensation payable to the employee nor deny the employee benefits such as vacation time or sick leave time that he or she has already accrued.

Employers who violate wage and hour laws and regulations may find themselves named as defendants in civil lawsuits and ordered to pay back wages and penalties to their aggrieved employees. If the wage and hour dispute is especially heinous and egregious, there may be civil and/or criminal penalties that may be levied against the employer as well.

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