The California Labor Code wants to ensure that your workplace is a healthy environment. This environment should include time to get the rest you need to sustain you through the workday. But sometimes you just want to finish your work as quickly as possible and go home. For you, the ideal way to accomplish this… Read More

It’s not always easy to tell the difference between California independent contractors and employees. However, it is crucial that companies understand the difference between employees vs. independent contractors because each category enjoys distinct legal rights and responsibilities. Also, the employee vs. contractor analysis is essential to understand for tax and labor law purposes. Read on… Read More

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When you enter the workforce, it’s important to know your rights. Not only should you receive fair compensation for the work you do, you should be given proper time to rest from your work. In many cases, this means your employer needs to give you adequate breaks, including meal breaks, during your work shift. California’s… Read More

Since 2015, California has mandated that employers grant their employees paid sick leave.  In addition, Los Angeles has its own sick leave ordinance that provides employees with extra paid sick leave.   If you or a loved one is an employee in Los Angeles, you are entitled to take sick leave in many situations. Read on… Read More

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On January 1, 2020, AB 51 was signed into law. It prohibits employers from forcing employees to enter into mandatory arbitration agreements in California. Many employers throughout California require employees to enter into arbitration agreements as a condition of employment. AB 51 affects any California employee’s new, modified, or extended employment contract.  What Is AB… Read More

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