• $3.3 million

    Fraud, Misrepresentation, Breach of Contract (jury verdict) against a company and its owner by defrauded employees/business partners.

  • $710,000

    Breach of Bonus Agreement, Retaliation, Marital Status Discrimination (confidential settlement) for a project manager and his wife, both fired when manager requested payment of his performance bonus.

  • $600,000

    Retaliatory Discharge, Religious and Age Harassment (confidential settlement) for employee fired after protesting harassing comments about her age and religion.

  • $408,000

    Retaliation (jury verdict) for male employee fired for standing up for female co-worker being sexually harassed by her supervisor.

  • $339,963

    Breach of Employment Contract (trial verdict) for fired employee denied promised commissions.

  • $325,000

    Breach of Contract, Wrongful Discharge (confidential settlement) for sales manager fired for supposed poor performance after he’d just closed the biggest sale in company’s history.

  • $300,000+

    Disability Discrimination (confidential settlement) for an employee with M.S. chosen for layoff because he wasn’t sufficiently “robust.”

  • $290,000

    Gender Discrimination (confidential settlement) for women picked for layoff in reorganization because of their gender.

  • $275,000

    Breach of Employment Contract (confidential settlement) for priest secretly fired while on approved sabbatical, in breach of written contract.

  • $285,000

    Retaliation and Gender Discrimination (confidential settlement) for employee chosen for layoff because of her sex and in retaliation for protesting discriminatory attitudes.

  • $250,000

    Disability Discrimination (confidential settlement) for 30+ year employee fired shortly after he fell and hurt himself on the job.

  • $229,000

    Severance Pay (confidential settlement) for fired employee denied contractual severance pay.

  • $225,000

    National Origin Discrimination (confidential settlement) for Indian couple discriminatorily denied right to purchase franchise store.

  • $145,000

    Failure to Pay Wages (confidential settlement) for employee refused payment of promised wages and expense reimbursements.

  • $125,000

    Pregnancy Discrimination (trial, then settlement) for employee fired 1 week after sharing she’d become pregnant.

  • $115,000

    Retaliation (confidential settlement) for HR manager fired for telling executives they couldn’t screen out applicants by race.

  • $100,000

    Violation of Wage Laws (confidential settlement) to employee wrongfully misclassified as a manager, exempt from overtime pay.

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