January 5, 2021 — Western Digital will settle a class-action lawsuit for $7.75 million.  The lawsuit, filed by previous employee Yunghui Chen in May 2019, accused the California-based computer company of discriminating against women in salary, promotions, and placements. Chen and the other 1,863 women who joined the class cited multiple examples of these claims… Read More

In August 2020, ExxonMobile and Torrance Refining Company agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit filed by multiple employees in 2018. The settlement, which comes after employees accused the companies of denying hourly workers law-mandated off-the-clock breaks, will require the two oil companies to pay $4.4 million.  Settlement Details According to the lawsuit, the Torrance Exxon… Read More

Employees of American Income Life Insurance filed a complaint that the company did not correctly compensate sales employees during and after their training period. American Income Life Insurance agreed to pay $5.75 million to settle the claim. The plaintiffs accused the company of paying inadequate wages to sales agent trainees. They also argued that improper… Read More

Albertson’s agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit for $2.5 million in November 2020. Delivery drivers employed by the grocery store chain in California filed a class-action lawsuit in March 2019. The three filing plaintiffs accused Albertson’s of various labor law violations, including: Using unpaid call-in scheduling practices, Failing to pay delivery drivers for time spent… Read More

In 2018, two Burlington Coat Factory employees filed a class-action lawsuit against their employer. The case complained of Burlington Coat Factory failing to pay hourly workers their full earned wages and overtime compensation. The plaintiffs accused the discount retailer of forcing employees to work without pay during their meal breaks.  Burlington Coat Factory has agreed… Read More

Universal Protection Services (Allied Universal Security) security guards who were mandated to work without pay are encouraged to visit the settlement website to join the collective action lawsuit. Employees have asserted that Universal Protection Services violated wage and hour laws; the guards are demanding to receive a minimum of double their unpaid wages. The security… Read More

Cognizant Technology Solutions will pay $5.7 million after being accused of violating federal and state labor laws. The dispute, affecting two Classes, concerns wage and hour infractions. In August 2017, an employee filed a complaint against Cognizant Technology Solutions for failing to pay employees proper overtime wages. The plaintiff claimed that the company discounted Tru… Read More

On May 31, 2020, the Central District of California Court approved a preliminary $6 million settlement for a class-action suit brought against CoreLogic Valuation Solutions for failing to pay employees for overtime. The lawsuit, Harriett Mitchell v. CoreLogic, Inc., et al, was filed in December 2017 by a former employee of the company who claims… Read More