January 5, 2021 — Western Digital will settle a class-action lawsuit for $7.75 million. 

The lawsuit, filed by previous employee Yunghui Chen in May 2019, accused the California-based computer company of discriminating against women in salary, promotions, and placements.

Chen and the other 1,863 women who joined the class cited multiple examples of these claims in the lawsuit, including:

  • Up to $30,000 in salary differences between their compensation and compensation received by men working in similar roles;
  • Promotion of less-qualified men over better-qualified women for more senior positions;
  • “Tap-on-the-shoulder” promotion processes where open positions were not posted but instead filled at the discretion of management; and
  • No female representation in senior leadership.

Chen resigned from Western Digital in 2016 after starting at the company in 2005. A member of the audit department, Chen received only one promotion during her 11-year tenure at the company. 

Western Digital agreed to settle the lawsuit out of court; the judge granted final approval of the settlement in January 2021. The $7.75 million settlement will be distributed between reparations for the more than 1,800 plaintiffs and payment of various legal fees.

Approximately $5 million is expected to be awarded to the plaintiffs, coming out to about $3,615 per person. Western Digital is also required to pay the plaintiff’s $2.5 million in legal fees and $75,000 in Private Attorneys General Act fees, among others.

In addition to the monetary payments, Western Digital will implement company-wide changes to close the gender gap and foster an environment of equality. 

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California Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys

Employees can file a class-action lawsuit in California when they share grievances about their employer. California has strict labor laws that companies must adhere to, and employees can hold their employer accountable for violating these standards with a class-action lawsuit.

In addition to helping plaintiffs receive fair compensation and work conditions, class-action lawsuits protect future employees from similar poor treatment.

Our California class action attorneys at Workplace Rights Law Group are experienced in representing plaintiffs in these kinds of lawsuits. Our attorneys have nearly 75 years combined experience and are able to take on companies like Western Digital.

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