Sometimes large companies can make it seem like their way is always right, and that leaves employees feeling helpless to work toward a better situation.

If you are part of a group of employees from a specific company that has faced discrimination or unfair labor practices, you may be eligible to file a class-action lawsuit.

There has been more than one successful California Frito Lay lawsuit in the last decade, which has served to provide employees with the compensation they deserve.

What Is a Class Action Lawsuit for Labor Violations?

An employment class-action lawsuit is a single lawsuit filed on behalf of numerous employees. These employees have the same complaint against a single employer. There are a few primary rules that must apply to have a class action lawsuit.

  • The violation must not be unique to an individual and instead must apply to the entire group;
  • The nature of the violation of law must be typical for the entire group;
  • The number of wronged employees must be large enough that it would be unreasonable to try the cases separately; and
  • The group must be adequately represented as a whole.  

The most common labor violations often center around unfair wages, but there can also be other violations. 

California Frito Lay Lawsuit Examples

Over the past decade, Frito Lay lawsuits have spanned across multiple areas of law. Some of the most notable California Frito Lay complaints have come from the treatment of employees and violation of labor laws. Frito Lay is a subsidiary of PepsiCo.

Frito Lay Class Action Lawsuit Regarding Background Checks

Frito Lay failed to disclose that they used consumer reports as part of their job applicant background checks. This is a violation of the Fair Credit Reports act and resulted in a $2.4 million settlement for members of the class action lawsuit in 2018. The gross settlement allotted $62.87 for each class member. 

Unfair Trucker Compensation Frito Lay Lawsuit

California trucking companies are required to give drivers a 10-minute break for every four hours they drive and a paid 30-minute meal break for every five hours they work.

Frito Lay failed to compensate drivers for this time and other necessary on-the-job duties such as maintenance and waiting for loads to be prepared. The case concluded in 2018 and resulted in a $6.5 million settlement. The settlement involved 254 members of the Frito Lay class-action lawsuit.

Wages and Hours Class-Action Lawsuit Against Frito Lay

In 2014, Frito Lay paid $1.6 million to settle a wage and hours discrepancy lawsuit with current and former employees of the company.

These employees were responsible for delivering products to stores and arranging them on shelf displays. The claim asserted that the company did not pay overtime, meal breaks, or rest breaks in accordance with California labor laws. They also did not provide accurate, itemized wage statements.

Contact a California Class-Action Lawsuit Attorney

Workplace Rights Law Group has extensive experience with California labor disputes, and we are not afraid to take on large cases like class-action lawsuits against Frito Lay and similar companies.

Our experienced team understands the intricacies of California employment regulations and would be happy to discuss your case. 

Give us a call at 818-925-1572, and we will set up a free case review as a first step in your class action lawsuit.


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