PAGA, or the Private Attorneys General Act allows an employee to file a claim against their employer if the employer violated employment law What is PAGA? That’s a common question that employees and employers have. We’ll discuss PAGA in-depth here. Who Does PAGA Cover? Under PAGA, an “aggrieved” employee—who is defined as any current or… Read More

An employee who was unlawfully fired or laid off may be entitled to financial compensation and/or equitable relief through a wrongful termination lawsuit. This is a complicated question; there is no true straightforward answer. Some wrongful termination claims are settled for around $10,000, while others are eventually resolved for multi-million dollar awards. Every California wrongful… Read More

Unfortunately, mass layoffs happen. Although California’s labor laws cannot save a financially distressed company, the state has put into place important regulations to help protect some vulnerable employees.  The California WARN Act — the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act — requires many mid-sized and large companies that are planning mass layoffs to give sufficient… Read More

How Much Time do I have to Bring a Lawsuit Against My Employer in California? The statute of limitations for bringing an employment lawsuit in California varies with the type of employment law claim we’re talking about. Before our employment lawyers explore this further, let’s make sure we understand exactly what a statute of limitations… Read More

What is Considered “At-Will” Employment in California? According to California law, “at-will” employment in the state of California defines a working relationship with an employee that can be terminated for any reason by their employer. This can happen without any type of warning from the employer in the state of California. An employee under the… Read More

California is an at-will employment state. Companies have the authority to let workers go for a wide range of different reasons — potentially even for ill-advised or largely frivolous reasons. When it comes to hiring and firing, employers in our state retain a considerable amount of discretion. That being said, employers cannot remove a worker… Read More

There are many reasons you may want to pursue an employment law claim in California. You may feel you’ve been the victim of discrimination because of your age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or a range of other protected personal characteristics. Similarly, you may have suffered retaliation at work, been wrongfully or constructively discharged, or have… Read More