My name is Theo Khachaturian – I am a Riverside class action lawsuit attorney. I wrote this post to be a resource for folks who need to hire a lawyer but don’t know anyone personally who can make a referral. Toward that end, below you will find a list of 6 class action lawsuit attorneys (yours truly excluded) who I personally endorse.

best class action attorney Riverside

In today’s digital age, the search for legal support often begins with an online search. It is especially true for employees who are unfairly treated at work and need an adept Riverside class action attorney.

Typing “best class action attorneys” might bring up large numbers of directories, sponsored advertisements, and a myriad of reviews. The real challenge lies in sifting through this deluge of results to find a skilled class action lawsuit attorney. 

Sorting search engine results to find the most qualified employment rights lawyers can feel daunting. To complicate matters, several legal directories may position attorneys more prominently based on paid promotion rather than verifiable professional merit. These directories can be misleading, as they reflect more about a law firm’s advertising budget than their proficiency with class action lawsuits. 

At Workplace Rights Law Group, we understand the need to cut through the noise and find a lawyer committed to providing you with the best legal representation. 

Why Consider a Class Action Lawsuit Attorney at Workplace Rights Law Group?

At the heart of Workplace Rights Law Group is a steadfast commitment to safeguarding workers’ rights. We witness employees endure the fallout from unfair labor practices, only to be further marginalized by lackluster legal strategies.

With over 75 years of combined legal experience, we know how much work is involved in class action cases. Every lawyer at Workplace Rights Law Group is a trial lawyer and has practiced employment law for close to, or over, two decades. We’ve also represented employers, so we know how they operate and how to beat their typical playbook moves. 

With a profound understanding of employment law and the significant impact labor disputes can have on employees’ lives, rest assured we’ll always do what is best for you. 

The Purpose Behind This List of the Best Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys

We are not a random online review site or directory of law firms. Our law firm exclusively represents employees whose workplace rights have been ignored or violated. We aim to offer our legal services to every individual who needs assistance. However, we also recognize that we cannot take on every case. 

It’s also possible that some people might think we aren’t the right fit for their case. A class action might require a different legal approach than we envision, or another firm’s style better suits your needs. Whatever the case, our priority remains to ensure that you have access to the highest caliber of legal advocacy when you need it the most.

With this in mind, we have carefully curated our list of the best six class action lawsuit attorneys in Riverside, California. These are esteemed colleagues with whom we’ve worked or who have demonstrated to us a profound commitment to employment law over the years. Consider this list a reliable starting point if you need class action attorneys in Riverside.

6 of the Best Class Action Attorneys in Riverside 

1. Gregory D. Wolflick – Workplace Rights Law Group 

Attorney Bio | Contact Information | Client Reviews

Gregory D. Wolflick

Gregory D. Wolflick is a partner at Workplace Rights Law Group and brings a wealth of expertise to the firm with over three decades of focused labor and employment law practice.

His expertise spans a comprehensive array of labor and employment issues, including class action litigation concerning wage and hour disputes, employment discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, retaliation claims, and OSHA violations.

Greg’s proficiency extends to handling prevailing wage violations, union trust fund litigation, and claims against unions under federal law, embodying a deep-seated knowledge of state and federal employment law claims.

Admitted to practice in all state and federal courts across California, Greg has also litigated employment cases in 15 other states, demonstrating his proficiency in employment law matters. 

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2. Ian Silvers – Bisnar | Chase

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Ian Silvers

Ian Silvers is a California employment and class action lawyer at Bisnar | Chase. He has an impressive track record, representing employees in discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and wage and hour cases.

He’s part of Bisnar | Chase’s Class Action Litigation Department. Silvers has excelled in class actions and Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) actions, having successfully briefed, argued, and achieved court-approved settlements.

Silvers’s legal achievements include recognition as the Litigator of the Year 2023 and inclusion in the Class Action Top 25 Trial Lawyers. He’s known for securing favorable outcomes for wage and hour disputes and obtaining several multimillion-dollar class action settlements, notably an $8.75 million wage-and-hour class action settlement. 

3. Nicholas J. Ferraro – Ferraro Vega

Attorney Bio | Contact Information | Client Reviews

 Nicholas J. Ferraro

Nicholas J. Ferraro is the founder of Ferraro Vega Employment Lawyers. His firm focuses solely on employment litigation, with attorneys previously working in the top labor and employment departments at the country’s largest employment law firms.

Ferraro boasts a remarkable track record, with a 100% success rate in lawsuits filed, representing over 100,000 employees in class and collective actions—a testament to the firm’s selective client intake and thorough case screening.

In 2022, the San Diego Business Journal listed him among the “Top 100 Leaders in Law.” For six consecutive years, he has been named a Rising Star by Thomson Reuters’ Super Lawyers—a title given to fewer than 2.5% of lawyers under 40. Additionally, for four years running, he has been recognized as one of the “Ones to Watch” in The Best Lawyers in America by U.S. News, specifically for California class action attorneys.

4. Michael Nourmand – The Nourmand Law Firm, APC

Attorney Bio | Contact Information | Client Reviews

Michael Nourmand

Michael Nourmand is the founder of The Nourmand Law Firm, APC. His firm practice areas include employment law, wage and hour disputes, class action suits, disability discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, consumer class action, and PAGA representative action. 

His firm has represented California employees for over 20 years, and he has successfully litigated hundreds of employment law cases. The firm’s work in class action lawsuits is valuable in fighting against employer misconduct, especially in cases involving wage and hour violations. 

5. Norman B. Blumenthal – Blumenthal, Nordrehaug, Bhowmik

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Norman B. Blumenthal

Norman B. Blumenthal, a managing partner at Blumenthal, Nordrehaug, Bhowmik, is one of California’s more experienced class action lawyers. Since entering private practice in 1988, Blumenthal has focused on protecting individuals against unfair and illegal business practices through class action lawsuits and individual cases. His work has been impactful, with over $1.3 billion in settlements for his clients and significant contributions to public policy benefiting Californians.

One of his most notable achievements includes the Jordan v. California DMV case. While not employment law related, it led to the California Governor signing bills rectifying the collection of an unconstitutional smog impact fee, resulting in a $650 million settlement and refunds for over 1.7 million vehicle owners. 

6. Steven I. Azizi – Miracle Mile Law Group

Attorney Bio | Contact Information | Client Reviews

Steven I. Azizi

As the Senior Partner and co-founder of Miracle Mile Law Group LLP, Steven Azizi focuses on discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, and wage and hour claims. His litigation skills have resulted in numerous successful settlements, significantly benefiting clients in employment law cases.

Azizi is recognized locally and nationally as a top employment law attorney, especially in complex cases involving discrimination, retaliation, or wrongful termination. His firm prides itself on delivering personalized attention, even in a class action lawsuit, so they cap the number of cases they take.

Find the Best Riverside Class Action Attorneys at Workplace Rights Law Group

When you are looking for an class action attorney in Riverside, California, you can’t get much better than Workplace Rights Law Group. We have the passion, the custom approach, and the track record to obtain the maximum legal relief that suits you best. But we also recognize the importance of shopping around for the right attorney for you.

If we meet and you decide we are not the correct firm for you, we can refer you to counsel who can get the best out of your case. Our goal is to protect your rights and well-being. Please give us a call or contact us online to schedule a case review. 


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