UPS Facing Several Class Action Lawsuits

On February 18, 2020, Riverside employees of UPS Supply Chain Solutions filed a class-action lawsuit against the company.

The lawsuit, submitted to Riverside County Superior Court, alleges that UPS failed to pay minimum wages, pay overtime wages, and provide adequate breaks under California labor law. 

In California, an employer must pay their workers for all hours worked, including hours where a worker is under the company’s control.

As a result, UPS has been under fire recently for violating this labor law.

In November 2019, employees at a California UPS warehouse filed a class-action lawsuit against the company for not paying employees during security checks.

Since these security checks take so long, the lawsuit alleges that employees did not get a full hour-long lunch break.

Below, the California employment lawyers at Workplace Rights Law Group go over the class-action lawsuits that UPS is facing.

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Other UPS Class Action Lawsuits in the US

Not all of these lawsuits originated in California. On the East Coast, a class of seasonal workers accused UPS of violating labor laws in a New York federal court.

The plaintiffs, Lalynda Hedges and Zyaire Simmons claim that UPS didn’t pay them minimum, regular, or overtime wages for hours worked during the peak season from October 2018 to January 2019.

In addition, Bloomberg published a report in December 2019 on the “toxic work environment” at UPS. According to employees, many injuries go unreported.

For example, a UPS employee in New Hampshire suffered several broken bones and his managers failed to contact emergency services.

A similar incident happened in California in 2017. Shaun Medina, a former sorter for UPS, filed a lawsuit against the company in California Superior Court alleging that they threaten injured workers with discipline or termination.

Medina injured his shoulder while handling 80-pound packages for hours and went to file an injury report.

The supervisor supposedly told Medina to drink tea and go back to work “since it was costly on UPS to do anything else for him.” 

It took UPS one month to authorize Medina to visit a doctor, where he received a note restricting him from lifting more than 20 pounds.

When Medina returned to work with the note, his managers ignored the doctor’s advice and made him work with the injury, and threatened to terminate his employment if he didn’t comply.

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When a group of employees shares a common complaint against their employer, they can seek a class-action lawsuit.

In California, class-action lawsuits hold employers accountable for wrongful actions against their workforce, protecting future employees from harm and compensating past or current employees.

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