Amazon Class Action Relay Driver Misclassification

Lead Plaintiff Daniel Escobar filed a lawsuit against Amazon alleging he and other class members do not receive a minimum wage or meal breaks as drivers in Amazon’s Relay program.

Accusations Against Amazon

The Relay program requires drivers to carry truckloads of products to and from various distribution centers.

Escobar started working for Amazon in the Relay program in February 2019 and left the retail giant a year later.

During that time, Amazon classified Escobar and other Relay drivers as independent contractors.

By doing this, Amazon was able to defy California law that requires employers to provide employees basic provisions like meal breaks and pay them a minimum wage.

Escobar alleges that Amazon knowingly and willfully violated California statutes by classifying drivers this way.

Through misclassifying the Relay drivers, Amazon was able to deny the employees:

  • A meal break or overtime pay for a missed break,
  • Accurate wage statements,
  • Timely pay,
  • Payment on termination of employment, and
  • Reimbursement for business expenses.

California labor law requires employers to provide employees all these benefits. However, independent contractors are not currently covered under the state statute. 

Escobar filed the present lawsuit in California state court, and Amazon has since moved to transfer the case to federal court.

Escobar’s suit includes allegations of violating California’s labor code and business and professional code. He seeks damages, an injunction of Amazon’s practice, and attorney fees.

Class Action Lawsuits Protect California Employees

Large companies like Amazon often get away with unethical business practices for longer than they should. A class-action lawsuit can intervene to protect employees.

Class action lawsuits require that:

  • The class is large enough that joining and naming all the plaintiffs in the suit would be impracticable; 
  • The members of the class collectively share a common set of facts; 
  • The claims of the parties are the same as the class; and
  • The plaintiffs can adequately represent the interests of the entire class. 

If you worked as an Amazon Relay driver and think you might be a member of the present class-action lawsuit, WorkPlace Rights Law Group might be able to offer you legal advice. 

Your Rights as an Amazon Relay Driver

If you are an Amazon Relay driver currently classified as an independent contractor, there are laws in place to protect you.

If you suspect that your employee rights were violated, our California employment lawyers are here to help you.

Having represented employers for years, our attorneys can predict your employer’s legal strategies. With millions recovered for our clients, we stand ready to help you with your claim against Amazon or another employer.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation about your situation.


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