what damages can I recover for unpaid wages

You may be an employee struggling to receive your fair wages from your employer.

Perhaps you want to know how much you can recover from unpaid wages.

In the state of California, non-payment of wages is a serious matter.

Depending on your case and the amount of unpaid wages that have accrued, you could receive thousands of dollars in damages. 

Additionally, your employer can be subject to paying unpaid overtime penalties, late payment penalties, paystub penalties, and interest on unpaid wages at 10% per year.

There are many ways that you can go about collecting damages on an unpaid wages claim.

To obtain everything that you are entitled to, contact one of our lawyers at Workplace Rights Law Group.

What Is Wage Theft?

If you are working “off the books” or doing side work for your employer that is otherwise unaccounted for, you are more likely to experience wage theft.

Simply put, wage theft is the non-payment of wages by your employer for wages you would otherwise be entitled to.

You have experienced wage theft if your employer:

  • Did not pay your overtime or did not pay you at all,
  • Delayed payment owed to you, 
  • Illegally reduced your wages,
  • Refused to pay your final check,
  • Refused to pay you for business expenses incurred and now your personal account is filled with unreimbursed business expenses, or
  • Failed to pay you for paid time off you accumulated and now you have unpaid vacation time. 

If you have dealt with any of the previous issues, you will need a lawyer to help you file an unpaid wages claim for non-payment of wages. 

What Are My Rights Under California Law for Unpaid Wages?

In recent years, the California government has implemented new laws that target minimum wage, pandemic-related priority rights, and other general policies regarding employee payment.

These policies affect different industries and are in place to protect your rights to equitable compensation in the state of California.

Workers and employees that are dealing with unpaid wages can take their complaints to California’s Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, otherwise known as the California Labor Board

Additionally, the Fair Labor Standards Act is a federal law that affects minimum standards in California regarding wages, overtime pay, recordkeeping, and youth employment standards.

This Act can be considered a catch-all in some instances and has statewide applicability. 

Can I Settle My Unpaid Wage Lawsuit?

Whether you’re dealing with a wage deduction claim or trying to recoup unpaid vacation time, we can help you settle your unpaid wages claim. 

While an unpaid wage lawsuit settlement provides the quickest and most cost-effective solution, you should not accept less compensation than you deserve.

Ultimately, the decision to settle your unpaid wages claim is yours. 

What Do I Need to Get Started?

To begin building your case, your lawyer will need evidence to prove your claim. Start by collecting any:

  • Calendars,
  • Bills,
  • Pay stubs,
  • Timesheets, and
  • Contracts.

Your attorney will use the information that you provide to advocate for your right to receive just compensation. 

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