Employees Receive  Million in Unpaid Overtime Wages from Class Action Settlement With CoreLogic Valuation Solutions Inc.

On May 31, 2020, the Central District of California Court approved a preliminary $6 million settlement for a class-action suit brought against CoreLogic Valuation Solutions for failing to pay employees for overtime. The lawsuit, Harriett Mitchell v. CoreLogic, Inc., et al, was filed in December 2017 by a former employee of the company who claims that CoreLogic violated California labor law by not paying Residential Staff Appraisers for all hours worked.

The original complaint alleges that CoreLogic paid appraisers hourly with “nondiscretionary incentive bonuses” and paid double for overtime hours until October 2016. The plaintiff then states that the company started to calculate employee pay based on a new formula that used efficiency scores and hours worked to determine pay. This system rewarded employees who did not work overtime and gave a lower base pay to employees who worked more overtime hours. While CoreLogic hasn’t admitted that any of these actions took place, they agreed to settle the class-action to avoid the risk of further litigation.

Details About CoreLogic’s Settlement

The class includes current and former Residential Staff Appraisers in California who were employed by CoreLogic up to four years before the settlement received preliminary approval. Each member of the class will receive around $7,160, while the three class representatives will receive $15,000 for their litigation efforts. Any class members who were deposed will get an additional $1,000.

The settlement also requires any unclaimed funds to be distributed to class members instead of being given back to CoreLogic. If there is more than $10,000 in unclaimed settlement funds, the funds must be equally distributed amongst the class. Members of the class do not need to file a claim for benefits, but they must submit a Release of Claim form by July 24, 2020, to get the full amount. The final approval hearing will take place on August 31, 2020.

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When the workers of a company share a common complaint about their employer, they can seek a class-action lawsuit.

Class-action lawsuits in California not only hold companies responsible for wrongful actions against workers, but also protect future workers from harm and compensate past employees who were affected by those actions.

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