Dave Simpson

David Simpson has been trying labor and employment law cases his entire 30+ year career.  He’s resolved many 100’s of employment matters, personally conducted over 20 trials, and won millions for his employee clients.

A graduate of UCLA (Economics B.A., summa cum laude, phi beta kappa) and UCLA School of Law (moot court honors), David spent 4 years at a downtown L.A. firm and 4 more at a labor law boutique before co-founding his own employment law firm in 1990.  He has successfully tried cases in state and federal courts throughout California and the Western States and has handled appeals, including Supreme Court appeals.  He is a member of the Labor Law and Litigations sections of the Bar, has written and spoken on numerous employment and litigation topics, and is recognized among his peers for his expertise in all areas of employment law (he’s even had former opposing counsel hire him to represent them personally).

David’s practice emphasizes employment discrimination (age, disability, gender, sexual orientation), employer retaliation, privacy, workplace harassment, wrongful termination, and wage and compensation disputes.

“Part of every case is a chess match, where you’re always trying to anticipate the other side’s next move.” But David has an insider’s advantage, because he’s extensively represented large and small employers in all kinds of employment cases. “When you know the employer’s playbook, because you’ve been the quarterback in their own huddle, you know how to beat all their best plays.”

David also is an Adjunct Professor of Law, teaching employment law, pretrial litigation and jury trial practice.  And he’s trained as a mediator.  These credentials account for much of his success in presenting and/or favorably negotiating employee disputes.

David’s overall approach is treat every person and every case individually.  He doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all.  He listens, to what happened and to what people want, then talks honestly and frankly so clients understand the realities of their case and prospects.  Then he crafts a strategic approach for maximum success.  David’s approach combines patience and planning, intelligent framing, and picking your spots for strategic aggression.

David is married, has 3 children, enjoys writing, hitting golf balls out of the right-side rough, rejoicing or grieving over UCLA basketball, and is an avid NASCAR fan. David recently competed in the World Series of Poker, and threatens completion of his first nonfiction book, Detecting Lies in Legal Proceedings, an attorney’s guide to human lie detection.

Dave is a partner of WRLG, and also practices with the law firm of Wolflick, Simpson, Khachaturian & Bouayad, APC.